Kappa Alpha Theta

Theta Nu Chapter Georgia Institute of Technology

Chapter Officers

Hannah Orr

Chief Executive Officer

My name is Hannah Orr and I’m a third year Mechanical Engineering student from Liverpool, England. Some of my interests include yoga, reading, and drinking coffee! I joined Theta because I wanted to find a group of women who both supported me and challenged me to be a better version of myself. I wanted to surround myself with a group of women who were diverse, energetic and eager to make a positive difference to the Tech community. I also wanted to join a community where I would have the opportunity to develop myself as a leader. Since one of Theta’s core values involves members being Leading Women, this was the perfect community for me!

Ashley Park

Chief Operations Officer

I am a 5th year, Aerospace Engineering major. I am interested in fashion and photography. In my free time, you'll most likely find me out shopping, on shooting adventures, or sitting at a coffee shop editing pictures. I joined Theta because even after almost being done with college, I had a group of friends encourage me to try out a sorority. And that push that my friends gave me is the best thing that has happened, because through Theta I have met so many kind and intelligent people. All people that I am proud to call my sisters. It's hard to imagine what my life would be without Theta, even after this short time period. I can feel that Theta is indeed for a lifetime and it's more than just a college experience.

Anna Awald

Chief Administrative Officer

I am Anna Awald, and I am a 3rd year Mechanical Engineering major with an Aerospace minor. Some of my interests include watching Formula 1, driving and working on my classic truck named Henry, binge watching Netflix, and drinking iced coffee. I joined Theta, because of the instant connection I felt with the motto of "Leading Women" and Bettie Locke Hamilton's story of our founding. My favorite part about being in Theta has by far been the sisterhood and the bonds I have made.

Madeline Smerchansky

Chief Education Officer

I’m a third year biomedical engineering student from Arlington, VA. I am involved with undergraduate research on campus, and I work as a swim instructor at the CRC. I joined Theta because I wanted to help start this organization created on values empowering women and helping them through school and beyond. I was immediately drawn to the other leading women that I met through Theta and the unique opportunities that being a charter member provides.

Holly Corbit

Chief Financial Officer

I'm a second-year business administration student with a concentration in marketing. I joined Theta because I wanted to help be part of something new and bigger than myself. It has been such a cool experience to build this chapter from the ground up! I loved being a part of Theta’s social and marketing committees and helping make decisions that are important to our chapter’s future. Being a charter member was an amazing opportunity, and I have met so many amazing women and made so many new friends!

Kelby Mathis

Chief Recruiting Officer

I am a third year Biomedical Engineering major from Waycross, GA. I joined Theta because I loved the idea of getting to help shape an organization that helps to strengthen women through college and beyond. Every woman in Theta is unique in her own, amazing way and I can't wait to see how we can use our diversity to influence Georgia Tech and the World.

Lilliane Daniels

Chief Panhellenic Officer

I am a second-year International Affairs and Modern Languages student. My language focus is French, but I am also studying Spanish and Russian. I joined Theta because I am passionate about empowering women, and I love the focus that our organization puts on supporting leading women.

Tiffany Dang

Chief Marketing Officer

Hello! My name is Tiffany, and I'm a 3rd year Computational Media major. I am super passionate about graphic design, painting/crafting, & music. I recently have loved going to Zumba and Yoga too! I joined Theta looking to grow holistically as a person and give back to the community with a group of women that share the same values and goals as I do. Our first semester as a newly established chapter has passed and Theta has absolutely surpassed my expectations. I have met some of the most loving and talented women who continue to support and surprise me everyday. Joining Theta has been such a highlight in my life, and I am very excited to see us grow in the incoming year!

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